Which version of Allods was the best for you and why?

Which version of Allods was the best for you and why?

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Almost all of us here have different say when it comes to answering this subjective question where a lot of personal opinions come into to play, but one thing that we all here have in common is our love for the game, our never ending passion for it that we see everyday being destroyed by greedy developers....
Nowadays every new mechanic added to the game is built around how can we monetize it, how can we inconvenience a player to force him to pay and how make a profit instead of what was once how can we make the game fun to play and enjoyable without sacrificing our morals.....
With that said i'd like to ask the passionate community what version was your favorite? what was the version of the game you had the most fun in and why? what were the things that made you enjoy and fall in love with the game ?
  • To answer my own question for me it was all of 2.x version, it was the first ever mmorpg and instantly loved it.
    [*]The leveling experience wasn't boring, it was satisfying and brought challenging mobs and not 1 kill bullshit, it made pace slow and enjoyable with the blue/purple xp system that slowed anyone who tried rush until the end game and made you appreciate the world! it felt more alive and active especially for the pvp zones.

    [*]Dungeons were active and you had to do them because of the lack of xp or gear.

    [*]Astral was actually used properly !!!!!!!! remember that you had to talk to people form a group with a good ship and go out on astral together and you had to strategize who to take because of the gear loot/type not being shared so you can't take two leather/cloth/plate... wearers upgrading gear felt amazing and rewarding after the time you put into it and it wasnt just given to you!

    [*]PVP was very active not only in world but with Arena of death where you had to farm your amalgam and realgar.

    [*]leveling 46 ---> 47 was a very big achievement long term achievement that i still remember to this day only a few people per server had them.

    [*]Raiding was actually a huge deal and wasn't given, you had to have really good gear in order to go and try

    [*]The Kirah pvp, tka-rik actually being hard, OLD june catacombs, Class balance were decent.... i can go on and on
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Почти все мы здесь имеем разные мнения, когда речь заходит об ответе на этот субъективный вопрос, когда в игру вступает множество личных мнений, но одна вещь, которая нас всех здесь объединяет, - это наша любовь к игре, наша бесконечная страсть к ней. что каждый день мы видим, как жадные разработчики уничтожают ...
В настоящее время каждая новая механика, добавленная в игру, строится вокруг того, как мы можем ее монетизировать, как мы можем доставлять неудобства игроку, заставляя его платить, и как получать прибыль вместо того, что было раньше, как мы можем сделать игру веселой и приятной без жертвуя нашей моралью .....
С учетом сказанного я хотел бы спросить страстное сообщество, какая версия была вашей любимой? Какая версия игры вам понравилась больше всего и почему? Какие вещи заставили вас полюбить и полюбить игру?
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