[GUIDE] How to Increase Astral Monster Level


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Hello , today I will to show you how to increase the level of astral monsters !
Sommary :
1)How to change the monster level
2) Difference beetween all astral Tier
3) Difference beetween Addons

So , let's go
1)How to change the monster levels

Open : YourServerFolder\game\data\Packs\Mechanics\Astral\Addons\Addon02\Tier1AvatarTier.xdb.

Now , search for ( ctrl +f ) : <mobLevelAdjustment>11</mobLevelAdjustment>

So , how to calculate the level adjustement ?

The base level of the monster is 45. So if you put 11 , the server will does this calcul : 45+11 = 56
So now open all TierXAvatarTier.xdb. and put the adjustement that you want

Now in game , the monster at are your adjustment :

2) Difference beetween all astral Tier
So , when you open all Tier folder you will see on the first line :
<quality href="/Mechanics/ItemQualities/Common.xdb#xpointer(/gameMechanics.constructor.schemes.item.ItemQuality)" />
This is the quality of isle , so you can know wich type of isle it is . Per exemple , this is for Green isle.

3) Difference beetween Addons

Addon01 = Armor 45 and 49 sector ( armor 40 sector without any keys)

Addon02 = Armor 51 Sector

Addon03 = Glyph sector

Thanks for reading ! Ask me if you have any question , because I'm not very very good in english