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If it's only about replacing icons - looks simple, however, what if I'd like to change costume with let's say some from the oldest version
1. Where to find costumes textures from the newest versions?
2. Where are the textures of all costumes at all? I just wanted to see the principle of adding new costumes in the game by replacing others
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In fact replacing icons is not as simple as that. The way .pak files are managed is a bit strange. In fact the game seems not to load it as a zip file like we do in our zip editor but it seems to perform raw byte reading with predefined index. I mean it seems to know from which position in the buffer it should read the texture. For instance game knows that from byte X to byte Y it should read Z item texture. So if you just replace texture you risk to add an offset in your .pak files that broke texture reading. I'm not sure of what I've explained but it what I've seen from experimentation.