[Client] How to edit client texts ?

Сорок два

Staff member
Hello, here is a guide to help you editing the game client texts.

First download this resource https://developers.allods-nova.eu/resources/loc-compiler-extracter.1/

Create a folder and put these two .exe files in this folder. Now, let find our pack.loc file and put it in this root folder too.

You can find the pack.loc here

Now just open a new command line on your system (cmd, bash, whatever) and use this command to extract pack.loc data into .txt files

./loc.extracter.exe pack.loc
It will create a new folder at the folder root called Extracted.
Now you can edit and/or create your texts files

If you want to create a new text file, the file must be create in UCS-2 Little Endian encodage or you will not have any text in game

When you have finished your work, just write this command to recompile pack.loc

./loc.compiler.exe Extracted/ pack.loc
Then put the new version of pack.loc in Texts.pak and voila, you can now edit and create text in your client !